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Pingxiang Baisheng Chemical Packing Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011 with registered capital RMB 11,88,000. Baisheng located at Ceramic Industrial Base,holding an area of 30000m2,capital asserts of RMB 5,000,000.The annual capacity o this factory on ceramic product is 10,000 tons. We mainly handle Industrial ceramics and catalyst.

We rely on the technical support of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Petroleum Group Jilin Design Institute, Pingxiang University and other scientific research institutes,established three production and research platform. There are 138 employees,58 were in a college degree or above, technical and managerial personnel, of these,a senior technical titlesin18 people. Baisheng also long-term hired 10 industrial ceramics in the development, the catalyst research and development experts and professors for the company’s technical adviser.Baisheng has authorized 3 patents, 15 utility model patents;professional papers published more than 50 articles; obtained 2 Science and technology progress award, 3 science and technology achievement appraisal;presided over 1 national level projects, 10 provincial science and technology projects, and participated in the formulation of 1 national standard “industrial ceramic ball inert ceramic balls” (HG/T 3683.1-2000).

Baisheng has the comprehensive strength of industrial ceramic product development, design, production and installation of all in one service,which can produce industrial ceramic (Corrugated packing,ceramic ball,perforated ceramic ball,ceramic saddles,ceramic brick and board),metal,plastic tower packing,molecular sieve(3A、4A、5A、13X series),activated alumina. Environmental catalyst can produce low temperature catalytic combustion catalyst,ammonia decomposition catalyst,Methanation catalyst.Ozone oxidation catalyst and other chemical industrial catalyst.

Baisheng has specialized equipment for ball milling, mud refining, molding, drying and sintering, and advanced mesh belt tunnel kiln.The sintering temperature can be as high as 1750℃ and the instrumentation value of RMB 7,000,000. we established a R & D center with special research and testing personnel,with digital display engineering ceramic compressive strength tester,Flame photometer,electronic analytical balance,silicate chemical composition fast analyzer, DHG Series Heating and Drying Oven,Fast heating resistance furnace,rapid grinder, chemical corrosion resistance test device, electronic test furnace, abrasion tester and other modern instruments research and testing methods.the total value of research instrumentation is more than RMB 5,000,000.

Our quality is controlled  according to ISO9001,the batches product strictly test by Test center,test items include chemical component,size deviation,appearance requirement,crushing  strength,water absorption,alkali resistance,Acid resistance,thermal shock resistance.The R&D funding over 600,000 each year.

Our company is the collaboration network members of China Petroleum group,in the meantime we are the Qualified supplier of CHEMCHINA and China National Coal Group Corp and the industrial ceramic enterprises designated by the administrative department.we are an ISO9001 shop and the products earn the qualified certificate of  ceramic product Analysis center.our products have been into the international market,such as Germany,Japan,Denmark,Russia,America,Iraq.annual sales reach RMB6,000,000.

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